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Game without compromise.

Go beyond performance with Intel® Core™ processors.

Be everything you want to be, in-game and out, with optimized performance and new features that let you play harder and work smarter.

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Designed for the needs of today’s gamers.

Newly optimized hybrid architecture and industry-leading technology enable you to go beyond gaming and creation. From progressing in-game to advancing in real life, Intel® empowers you to be your best self.


Unleashes the capability to optimize the latest games and gaming software.


Provides multitasking power to work, play, and most importantly game together.

Overclock with ease

Customize your performance to meet your precise needs with the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility.

Game smarter

Expanded Intel® Smart Cache sizes accelerate your processor for stable gameplay and higher, more consistent FPS.

Realize your dream build

Intel® Core™ processors offer versatility with support for:

  • 600 or 700 series motherboards

  • DDR4 or DDR5 memory

  • Up to PCIe Gen 5 components

  • Up to Wi-Fi 7 networks

Power your imagination.

Stream your favorite game, edit videos or podcasts, or make something beautiful.

  • Intel® Thread Director dynamically assigns tasks so you can do it all without slowing down.

  • Performance hybrid architecture can easily run streaming software in the background while prioritizing gameplay.